Human Rights

Human Rights Committee

From its inception AFTA has included a human rights framework at the center of its understanding of systemic practices. AFTA believes that human rights go hand-in-hand with promoting mental health and psycho-social well-being. AFTA pays particular attention to promoting human rights that protect at-risk people from abuse, exploitation or marginalization. This perspective is maintained through the work of the Human Rights Committee. The Committee has concerned itself with many issues over the years such as: health disparities, immigration, torture and prison abuses. It is the place where members can bring their human rights concerns and work with the committee to: ask the Board to make a public statement, present concerns and information at annual meetings and spearhead action projects. Most recently Human Rights put a great deal of time and energy with the support of members and the Board working in Kosovo after the war. Currently the Committee is working to use the Forum at the annual meeting to bring up issues, inform membership and work toward taking action throughout the year. All members are invited to join the committee and can do so by expressing their interest to the co-chairs