Leading the field of
Family Therapy
since 1978

The Founding Board of AFTA
Philadelphia, March 12, 1978

About AFTA

he American Family Therapy Academy is an organization of approximately 400 leading national and international family therapy and allied-field academics, clinicians, researchers, program directors, and policymakers. We are the builders and consumers of models, theories, investigations, and trainings in systemic theory and practice.

We are AFTA…

  • A unique, interdisciplinary and diverse professional community built upon collegiality, collaboration, mentorship, and friendship;
  • A place where our field takes shape and new ideas are born;
  • A professional community that studies the interaction of biological, psychological, relational, and socio-cultural dimensions contributing to mental health and wellbeing;
  • An organization that holds a core commitment to equality, social responsibility and justice with attention to marginalized and underserved groups, and fosters policies that support the welfare of families and children and serves as a context for all concerned with the health of the family;
  • An active and dynamic network of professionals with a commitment to keep its members informed of all subjects of concern to those in the mental health field;
  • A place for referrals and valuable research, practice, and training;
  • An organization that influences international dialogue about relationship and family therapy by inviting prominent educators, practitioners, and researchers throughout the world to participate in membership and annual events;
  • An organization that hosts thought-provoking conferences and releases the Springer Briefs, a journal focused on innovative systemic research and theory in family therapy and allied fields.