AFTA Committees

For much of its history, the American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA) has been a volunteer-managed organization, which has made it reliant upon the work of committees to manage the daily operations of the organization. The rich tradition of committee involvement continues in order to source the expertise of an accomplished membership, encourage their participation in the decision-making process, and foster a culture of collaboration within the organization.

AFTA Standing Committees

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for the recognition of outstanding contributions of members and/or non-members to the mission of AFTA. Click Here.

Chair: Open

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Leadership Team 

Leadership Team will carry out the mission of the organization and work collaboratively with the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, and all other AFTA constituents and groups, including

  • Recommends to the Board financial standards, fiscal policies and procedures, and annual budgets of the organization, in keeping with sound fiduciary responsibility and current laws and regulation. 
  • Recommends policies and processes to provide for the effective and efficient governance of AFTA.
  • Coordinating conference planning

Current Leadership Team: Carmen Knudson-Martin, Charlee Sutton, Janessa Dominguez

Publications Committee

This Committee is responsible for the creation, review, and promotion of all professional and scholarly publications of AFTA, including books, journals, and white papers and coordinate with Springer Briefs editor. It oversees general editorial policy, engages in strategic planning and development of the AFTA’s current and future professional publications, recommends and works with partner entities where appropriate, and initiates the creation of publication-focused task forces and subcommittees as deemed necessary by the Committee.

Chair: Open

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Cultural and Economic Diversity Committee

The function of the Cultural and Economic Diversity Committee, in alignment with AFTA’s mission, is to ensure AFTA’s accountability in maintaining economic and cultural diversity and in upholding its commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. The committee’s responsibilities include (1) inviting colleagues from diverse backgrounds to participate in AFTA-sponsored events and join the professional community; (2) offering a space for addressing these issues within the organization and through witnessing and listening at the annual conference. Click Here.

Chair: Janessa Dominguez, Ph.D., BCBA, LMFT, QBA, LMHC

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Early Career & Student Committee

This Committee seeks to support the development of students and emerging leaders in the field of family therapy. The committee hopes to foster professional development and involvement in the advancement of the field by facilitating their contribution to AFTA and encouraging their participation within our professional community throughout the year. Click Here.

Chair: Elsie Lobo, Ph.D.

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Family Policy & Human Rights Committee

This Committee maintains AFTA’s core commitment to equality, social responsibility and justice with particular attention to marginalized and underserved groups. The Committee works to ensure that AFTA provides leadership in this area to (1) the organization; (2) the field, and (3) the public at large. The Committee shall explore ways to lend organizational support to members involved in social action and bring recommendations to the Board. This committee is highly involved in creating timely and relevant position statements and disseminating them to the membership.

Chair: Cintia Alfonso Fior, M.A.

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Communications & Engagement Committee

This Committee is charged with the task of engaging AFTA’s members in the organization and crafting AFTA's marketing messages of AFTA programs and events through various platforms, including newsletters, emails, podcasts, and social media. It shapes and informs AFTA’s social media presence.

Chair: Navid Zamani, MS, LMFT & Victoria Morrison, BA

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Research Committee

The purpose and on-going focus of the Research Committee is 1) to build and support ongoing collaboration among family therapy researchers and research organizations, 2) to advance social justice perspectives in quantitative and qualitative family therapy research, 3) to promote research focused presentations, plenaries and ongoing dialogue about research findings at annual AFTA conferences, and 4) to uphold a robust appreciation for family therapy research and the ways such research supports our clinical and social justice community based work.

Chairs: Wonyoung Cho, Ph.D., LMFT & Peter Fraenkel, Ph.D

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