It is with heavy hearts that we reach out to express our sorrow after another shooting and as another environmental disaster threatens families and communities. We grieve with the families and communities in Texas and those impacted by Hurricane Dorian. We grieve with and for our country. We also stand with the courageous protesters in Hong Kong. 
There is much unrest in our communities and throughout our world. From gun violence and immigration to climate crises and political unrest, our families and communities, both here and abroad, are hurting. 
We challenge you, as a part of AFTA, to act and work toward change. 
What are you doing in your community? How can we support you in these efforts? How might we come together to demand change?
To join the Family Policy and Human Rights Committee, click here. To join the Cultural and Economic Diversity Committee, click here. To join in conversation with AFTA members on climate repair, click here. If you have ideas as to how AFTA might act, please let us know.
Let us look to those who are doing, let us look to the helpers. Let us join together to create a more just, safe, sustainable world.
Amy Tuttle, Ph.D.
AFTA President