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A FTA is unlike other member-based organizations. We are small, diverse in interests, and inclusive. As a member of the Academy, you will discover that your unique contribution is not just highly valued—it is sought out. No other organization offers members the opportunity to shape the dialogue and influence its direction the way AFTA does. The Academy is not an organization that exists to simply represent its members interests, it is an organization driven by its members—their ideas, their pursuit of professional excellence, their commitment to equality, and their desire to help others.


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AFTA offers a unique professional experience. It provides a space where ideas are met by conscience. In an age where the banner of “family values” has been raised to promote policies and practices that are divisive, exclusionary, and harmful to relationships, families, and communities, AFTA stands as an institution of reasoned, passionate advocacy for just, family-centered practices and policies. Members of the Academy are devoted to the principle that supporting human rights and challenging oppression within all systems—families, institutions, communities, and societies—is fundamental to mental health and wellbeing.

For almost 40 years, the Academy has been a gathering place of the best and brightest minds in family therapy and allied fields. Academy Members represent a wide diversity of professional disciplines, geographic locations, conceptual and personal orientations, and their work has influenced an entire generation of mental health theorists and practitioners.

Joining AFTA, you become a part of this tremendous legacy and will have the unique opportunity to contribute your skills and talents in order to ensure that the Academy thrives as a place of learning—distinguished by its character, a commitment to excellence, and a history of transforming thought.

Come and join our community of ideas and practice.