Empowering our membership with a dozen instant benefits.

Benefits of AFTA Membership

he Academy is dedicated to providing opportunities for members to interact and stay connected. We provide many avenues for members to encourage and learn from each other, including an annual conference, online forums, webinars, and listservs. Our goal is to keep our community in a constant dialogue in order to foster dynamic growth for the individual member and our professional community as a whole.

"Its tapestry of interwoven excellence in systemic work and profound trust in human resilience is what makes AFTA unique. AFTA felt like a home to my aspirations, a place where the field takes shape, where people debate, politicize, contextualize and never cease to share their passion for people, for progress and healing. As a white gay man, I felt that social justice was not an after-thought. I joined the LGBT interest group and have a community where to examine how racism, whiteness and heterosexism inform my life, teaching and practice.”

– Jean Malpas, LMFT, LMHC, Member since 2006

"AFTA is a generative network focused on creating mindful relationships for a more just and hopeful world."

– Saliha Bava, Ph.D., Member since 2009

We believe that the palpable gains of an AFTA membership more than outweigh the nominal dues. All of the following benefits are available to you immediately upon approval of your application:

1Receive a discount to our annual conference

The annual conference is the Academy's signature event and one of the most anticipated annual events in the family therapy field. Every year, our plenary speakers are always at the cutting edge of their field, our panels of experts engage in the most compelling (sometimes controversial) topics, and attendees have the chance to meet and interact with friends and colleagues while they earn CEs. AFTA members receive discounted registration fees in addition to regular news about the conference, including information about our distinguished plenary speakers and notification of early-bird discounts.

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2Create your own searchable Member Profile

All Academy Members are entitled to a searchable online Member Profile. This profile functions as an online CV, and allows you to post your professional background, your specialties, your areas of interest, contact information and much more. In addition, this page will feature any publications and videos that you have added to the AFTA Member Publications Catalog. Creating the elegant, personalized webpage is as simple as filling out a form.

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3Create a searchable Therapist Profile

Practicing clinicians in AFTA can fill out a searchable Therapist Profile. Intended as a means of presenting yourself to potential clients, this webpage not only gives you the ability to display your background and specialities, but also provides an opportunity to introduce yourself in language more appropriate to laypeople. Just like on the Member Profile, you can display your publications and videos. Potential clients can search for you by name, location, specialty or any other field listed on the page. Similar to the Membership Profile, creating this page is as simple as filling out a form.

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4Add your publications to the AFTA Member Publications Catalog

AFTA members are some of the most lauded writers in the field, and they have the ability to showcase their work on our website. Members can upload an unlimited number of publications – including books, journal articles, and white papers – to our online AFTA Member Publications Catalog. The information they upload can contain cover images, links for purchase, and even downloadable excerpts. Not only are these publications featured in the searchable AFTA Member Catalog, they can also appear on member's respective Member Profile and Therapist Profile pages. As always, the streamlined upload process is as simple as filling out an online form.

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5Feature your videos

Members of the Academy can host videos of lectures or speeches or interviews online, and our new website gives them a chance to feature up to three videos on their Member Profile and Therapist Profile pages. Adding a video simply requires filling out a short form and including the embed link.

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Get access to our free publications

Members of the Academy are entitled to complimentary online access to Contemporary Family Therapy and the AFTA Springer Briefs. Logged in members can download these publications with a simple click.

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7Join an Interest Group

Interest Groups are primarily online communities that provide an opportunity for AFTA members to gather and discuss a particular area of interest, generate new ideas, and to form a supportive community. Interest Groups are volunteer-led and have no dues or membership requirements. Many choose to meet annually at the conference for the purpose of generating conversation, rather than providing rigorous academic presentations.

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8Apply to join a Committee

For much of its history, AFTA has been a volunteer-managed organization, which has made it reliant upon the work of committees to manage the daily operations of the organization. Though committees no longer serve that purpose, the rich tradition of committee involvement continues in order to source the expertise of an accomplished membership, encourage their participation in the decision-making process, and foster a culture of collaboration within the organization.

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9Read and contribute to the AFTA blog

AFTA's blog of progressive views on family centered, couple, and family therapy practices and policies features writers from diverse backgrounds whose collective expertise enriches the field of Family Therapy. Members may read our entire archive of articles and contribute to this fantastic public-facing resource.

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10Access past conference videos our helpful library of online resources

View past AFTA conference videos. Plus, our curated selection of online resources can help serve as the perfect starting point for research about family therapy and other fields and could be the first step in making important connections.

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11Learn about and attend upcoming events

AFTA is very sociable community. Every year we host a variety of in-person and online events that offer an opportunity for members to connect and engage on topics of interest. New events are constantly be added to our online calendar. Check back frequently for updates.

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12Chat with other members in the AFTA Member Forums

Our new AFTA Member Forums give our members the ability to instantly engage with other members on multiple topics. The forums include threads exclusively for members of AFTA Interest Groups, and Committees in addition to open threads available to all members.

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