Membership Criteria

embership is open to all persons who share AFTA’s mission and vision and work with or are interested in the welfare of families.  This includes, among others, private practice and agency clinicians, teachers, policy-makers, and researchers. Although there is one category of membership, there are different fee structures (below) for students, early career members, experienced colleagues, retired professionals, and lifetime members. 

Fee Structure

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  1. Student – Undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate training (Fee: $96.50)
  2. Early Career – up to 2 years past highest degree (Fee for 3 years: $144.50, then $289)
  3. Regular – 2+ years past highest degree ($289)
  4. Retired ($144.50)
  5. Emeritus/Lifetime- Members who have reached the age of 80 ($0)
  6. Non-profit Organizational – fee to be determined – designate three representatives in any fiscal year.

Pathways to Membership:

  1. Invitation by Member
  2. Self-selection (complete form)
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Charter Academy Members

Charter Academy Members are recognized innovators and leaders within the field of Family Therapy who founded AFTA or came to Academy in the early years.