Connecting students with the major contributors in the field.

Come and share time with the people on your bookshelf, connect with major contributors in the field. Nearly 60% of Academy Members are published authors and, chances are, their books sit on your bookshelf. You’ve likely studied textbooks, journal articles, and research papers authored by Academy Members while pursuing your education. Now you have the opportunity to share a professional community with some of the top minds in the field.

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Student Membership Programs

The Intergenerational Program

This new program provides Student Members with incredible access to leaders in the field of family research theory and therapy. It is a unique opportunity for seasoned Academy Members, some nearing or beyond retirement, to connect, mentor and learn from those who are just starting out in the field. The program provides a platform for discussions about the practical application of established theory—much of it written by Academy Members—in contemporary context. Please contact us for more information.

The Next Generation Fund

This scholarship program enables Student Members and non-members to attend the Annual Meeting and Open Conference for a nominal fee. Students are encouraged to apply annually for this scholarship. Contact us to learn more about this scholarship.

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The Student Membership Committee

This committee, comprised entirely of student members, provides support and networking opportunities to the newest members of the Academy. It provides an important platform for our Student Members within their new professional home. The committee provides a means by which students can formalize their advice, create supportive new services, and influence the direction of the organization. Learn more

Applying for Student Membership

There are two pathways to membership: an invitation from an AFTA member or self-selection based on a sharing of AFTA’s vision.


The specific criteria for each of the following four types of students are as follows:

  • Doctoral students
    Completion of two years or a Master’s equivalent in a doctoral program in mental health or social sciences that is partial fulfillment of the doctorate.
  • Sub-specialty of medicine residents (e.g. psychiatry, family medicine)
    Completion of post-MD graduate year III (second-year residency).
  • Master’s students (e.g. MSW, MFT, MSN)
    Completion of second year including clinical placement.
  • Postgraduate trainees
    Completion of terminal degree and current enrollment in training at recognized postgraduate family therapy training program, and are practicing family therapy clinicians, but who do not yet qualify for Early Career Membership.

To move from Student to Early Career Membership, Student Members must demonstrate fulfillment of one or more of the following:

  • Presentation at conference or workshop and/or author of journal article or book chapter, or
  • Supervise family/couple therapy for at least one year, or
  • Significant participation in AFTA (e.g. planning and co-facilitating women's/men's institute, planning and participating as panel member on forum, facilitating listening circle).
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