January 31, 2017

Dear AFTA Members,

The American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA) stands in opposition to President Trump's executive order barring refugees to the United States. This action has stranded thousands of people, separated family members from one another and has led to confusion, anxiety and chaos.

As an organization of family therapists, researchers and educators from around the world, we understand this action's traumatic consequences for family life. We envision a just world by transforming social contexts to promote health, safety and well-being for families and communities.

AFTA stands in solidarity with families, immigrants, refugees, and communities, directly and indirectly impacted by this order. We abhor the injustice of banning groups based on religion, national origin, and affiliation. 

We will work with other organizations to ensure families receive the support they need as they struggle with the ramifications of this order.

We ask all AFTA members to call their senators, congressmen and the White House to strongly and loudly express outrage, letting this administration know that this executive order is not congruent with American values of justice and equality.

AFTA Board of Directors