From: Sanja Rolovic

Dear Friends please help AFTA get the word out:

Serbia has undergone Katrina like disasters endangering lives and well being of over 200 thousand families and their communities.

This short video shows: contaminated waters covering homes, towns and fields, turning much of Serbia’s most fertile agricultural region into a poisonous stew of toxic chemicals.
Unfortunately , the media coverage on this has been minimal. As my country folks are doing all in their power to prevent epidemic outbreaks back home, here at AFTA I'll be providing a central place for people to stop by and learn, witness,donate.

Please stop by later this afternoon, at the poster session where I'll be providing more information. Please help my story become pit story through the act of connecting, sharing and donating.

For those of you who wish to donate here is the link:

Please contact me for more information via email:

Thank you for your kindness.