The American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA), a nonprofit organization of leaders in the field of family therapy, strongly supports the right to same-sex civil marriage, and for same-sex spouses and any children of those spouses to have full access to all of the legal and institutional privileges, responsibilities, and obligations that go with civil marriage in the United States.

AFTA supports the right of same-sex partners to marry because all of the credible research and clinical experience on this topic suggests that access to same-sex civil marriage would be in the best mental health interests of same-sex partners and the children they are raising, and therefore, of society. We therefore request that you support all legislative and other efforts to ensure that self-identified lesbian, gay, and bisexual same-sex couples are given full access to marriage and all of its privileges, responsibilities, and obligations.

The American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA) is the family therapy professional association for the leading educators, psychotherapists, and researchers in this field. The mission of AFTA is:

• To advance theory, research, and treatment that recognize the family as a unit in a social context

• To promote research and professional education in family therapy and related fields

• To make information about family therapy available to practitioners in other fields of knowledge and to the public

• To foster the cooperation of all who are concerned with the medical, psychological, social, legal, and other needs of the family and with the science and practice of family therapy.

Lois Braverman, AFTA President & AFTA Board of Directors