11 Stories on Being Single in a Married World

karen lewis, Primary Author | More books by this author

Published: 2004


These eleven stories highlight some of the complexity and societal biases single women confront. And, they each end with ways women can handle these situations and feel good about themselves.

Ch. 1 A True Story: Where the Men Are
Ch. 2 Nine Myths about Being a Single Woman
Ch. 3 Use the Crystal Ball
Ch. 4 Beware the Downward Spiral
Ch. 5 Valentine’s Day: It’s about Love, Not Lovers
Ch. 6 Prepare Now for Next Valentine’s Day
Ch. 7 Conversations between the Genders: Female and
Male Perspectives
Ch. 8 Sometimes Best Friends Offer the Best Love
Ch. 9 At Midlife, Making Decisions About Men
Ch. 10 Making a Decision about Children
CH. 11 You’re Not Depressed, You Suffer from Ambiguous