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Springer Briefs in Family Therapy

The AFTA Springer Briefs in Family Therapy, produced in partnership with Springer Science, is an official publication of the American Family Therapy Academy. Each concise volume focuses on a specific topic relevant to the practice and policy implications of innovative systemic research and theory in family therapy and allied fields. Our goal is to make information about families and systemic practices in societal contexts widely accessible in a reader-friendly, conversational, and practical style. We have asked the authors to make their personal context, location, and experience visible in their writing. AFTA's core commitment to equality, social responsibility, and justice are represented in each volume. Free access is available to all members in the Members Only section (Login Required).
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The Monograph Series

The AFTA Monograph Series was a reviewed special-topics journal of published by AFTA from the Summer of 2005 to Spring 2011. The Monograph sought to present
 excellence in theory, policy and research on cutting edge topics of interest to members of the Academy.

Laura Roberto-Forman served as Publications Chair and Editor-in-Chief from 2006 to 2010. Melissa Elliott joined her in 2010 and also served during the final issue's publication in 2011. Many AFTA Members served as guest editors, including Jodie Kliman, Ramón Rojano, Gonzalo Bacigalupe, Janine Roberts, A. John Sargent, Martha Edwards, Martha Sullivan, MaryAnna Domokos-Cheng Ham, Jane Ariel, Pilar Hernandez-Wolfe, Sarah Stearns, Jean Malpas, and Arlene (Ari) Istar Lev. Founding Layout Artists were Jay and Joyce Lappin.
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Allied Publications

Contemporary Family Therapy Journal

This journal presents the latest developments in theory, research and practice pertaining to family therapy, with an emphasis on examining families within their broader socio-economic and ethnic matrices. Demonstrating that the therapeutic relationship is most effective when family, individual, and society are seen as interacting systems, Contemporary Family Therapy explores essential factors including family value systems, social class, and racial, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. Free access is available to all members in the Members Only section (Login Required).

Family Process Journal

The Family Process Institute is dedicated to the development of theory, research, practice and training in the broad area of family and systems process and intervention. It publishes the Family Process Journal, founded in 1962, which is widely considered to be the pre-eminent publication of its kind in the field of family research and therapeutic intervention. Family Process Institute has evolved into a multi-disciplinary, multi-national Communication Nexus encompassing both the online journal and an interactive Family Process Institute website, thus expanding ways to exchange information, foster collaboration, and inspire innovative development by connecting more directly with family research and clinical activity in a global environment.