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This book describes process for working with situationally violent couples who have experienced intimate partner violence

Latinos in the U.S. and Latin Americans are a combination of diverse populations that differ on a range of factors including length of time in the country, migration background, ethnicity, geographical location, socio-economic status, and so on. The reader will find perspectives of those of us who live in the borderlands—that is, those of us whom Gloria Anzaldúa identified as Mestizas, who inhabit the intersticios, the spaces in between souls, minds, identities, and geographies. This book assists new generations of Latino/as and of those involved in Latino Culture and Latin America in understanding how the colonization of the Americas is still tied to current issues of migration from the South to the North and how mental health practices have been created and maintained from the wound of coloniality. It offers a rich and alternative foundation for approaching trauma, identity, and resilience through the integration of a decolonization paradigm, borderlands theory, and social justice approaches in couple and family therapy.

A Clinician's Guide to Systemic Sex Therapy, 3rd edition

Publication type: Book

Nancy Gambescia

Gerald Weeks , Katherine Hertlein

A Clinician’s Guide is a practice-oriented text that accompanies the third edition of Systemic Sex Therapy. It provides an overview of multiple forms of sexual expression, common sexual intimacy issues and sexual disorders. Therapists will discover a seamless integration of both couple and sex therapeutic modalities.

An integrative approach to couple therapy.

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