March 14, 2017

The American Family Therapy Academy (AFTA) stands in opposition to the recent executive order rescinding the protection of transgender students using bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their affirmed gender identity. Rescinding these protections puts transgender and gender non-conforming (TG/NC) children at risk for further harassment and discrimination. Seventy-five percent of transgender students report feeling unsafe at school and the discrimination they experience has led to a suicide attempt rate 42-46% higher than their cisgender peers. TG/NC students face significantly higher rates of harassment and discrimination than their lesbian and gay cisgender peers; not only by fellow students, but by adults charged with their care. This puts TG/NC students at increased risk for suicide, self-harm, risky behavior, school avoidance, and drug use. Federal protections are necessary to guarantee TG/NC students’ civil rights within the school environment. They are vital to the health and safety of these students and their families.

AFTA supports transgender and gender non-conforming children and their families. No family should have to struggle with discrimination and harassment. We work to ensure a safety net for all families. We will work to reverse this executive order and to strongly voice our opposition.

AFTA Board of Directors