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The AFTA Publications Committee was created in 2019 in efforts to facilitate dialogue and conversations about current therapy practices and research-oriented approaches. Danna Carter, Ph.D., LMFT began this podcast to create a space for diversity of thought and action in the field of family therapy.

In 2022, the host role transitioned to Navid Zamani to continue these dialogues and curiosities about the landscape of family therapy with the practitioner scholars who contribute to it. The Publications Committee will further the collaboration with AFTA’s committee members to identify priorities as well as to create content that can help further the commitment to the values that guide AFTA’s initiatives.

Potential conversations for guests include:

  • Current interests and curiosities that are capturing their attention.
  • The evolution of these curiosities over time.
  • Interviewing early career members about their hopes and aspirations in the family therapy field.