We’re more than a membership organization. We act on our commitment to social justice by educating and supporting the next generation of helping professionals. In donating to AFTA, you are supporting a variety of programs and projects committed to nurturing students and early career family professionals and becoming engaged in social justice efforts.

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A donation to our Endowment Fund would benefit overall program operations and development.

A donation to our General Fund would go to supporting our current initiatives and operating expenses.

A donation to our Conference fund would go to supporting our Annual Conference.

The Annual AFTA Conference facilitates robust dialogue for therapists committed to advancing social justice, systems theory, and family therapy practices. It brings together family professionals who are committed to advancing family therapy research, theory, and practice that aligns with principles of justice, liberation, and equality. These professionals include students, early career therapists, and leading practitioners, researchers, and scholars in the fields of systems and family therapy. Your donation will help support scholarships for students from marginalized backgrounds, hotel subsidies for students and members who would not otherwise be able to attend, and early career member networking which supports research, scholarship, and clinical practice. 
Support our work so we can support their work.
Over the past four decades, our members have helped tens of thousands of individuals, couples, and families in crisis. Through education and successful interventions, AFTA members practice upstream prevention of many of the downstream challenges facing communities—the dissolution of relationships and families, domestic violence, childhood poverty, abuse, and neglect, lack of access to quality mental health services, racism, systemic oppression, and increased strains on the healthcare system.
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Our Commitment to our Donors

AFTA is committed to the responsible and progressive stewardship of all assets and resources that are entrusted to us to fulfill our mission. We understand that we have a responsibility to our donors to provide full and fair disclosure of all information relevant to the use of donated funds.

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