Springer Briefs in Family Therapy

The AFTA Springer Briefs in Family Therapy, produced in partnership with Springer, is an official publication of the American Family Therapy Academy. Each concise volume focuses on a specific topic relevant to the practice and policy implications of innovative systemic research and theory in family therapy and allied fields. Our goal is to make information about families and systemic practices in societal contexts widely accessible in a reader-friendly, conversational, and practical style. We have asked the authors to make their personal context, location, and experience visible in their writing. AFTA's core commitment to equality, social responsibility, and justice are represented in each volume. Free access is available to all members in the Members Only section. 

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Current titles include:

Sociocultural Trauma and Well-Being in Eastern European Family Therapy (2023). Tatiana Glebova & Carmen Knudson-Martin, eds.

Social Justice and Systemic Family Therapy Training (2023). Lindsey Nice & Christie Eppler, eds.

International Perspectives on Intimate Partner Violence: Challenges and Opportunities (2021). Sandi Stith & Chelsea Spencer, eds.

Bilingualism, Culture, and Social Justice in Family Therapy (2021). marcela polanco, Navid Zamani, & Da Hee Kim, eds.

Intersectionality in Family Therapy Leadership: Professional Power, Personal Identities (2021). Karen Quek & Alex Hsieh, eds.

Self of the therapist in medical settings: A sociocultual and systemic perspective (2020). Max Zubatsky and Jackie Williams-Reade

Eco-Informed Practice: Family Therapy in an Age of Ecological Peril (2019). Tracey Laszloffy  & Markie Twist, eds.

Socially Just Religious and Spiritual Interventions: Ethical Uses of Therapeutic Power (2018). Elisabeth Esmiol Wilson & Lindsey Nice, eds.

Meeting in Sacred Space: Engaging with Spirituality in Family Therapy (2018). David Trimble, ed.

Cultural Safety in Couple and Family Supervision and Training (2017). Robert Allan and Shruti Poulsen, eds.

Transition and Change in Collectivist Family Life: Strategies for Clinical Practice with Asian Americans (2017). Karen Mui-Teng Quek & Shi-Ruei Sherry Fang, eds.

Family Therapy in Global Humanitarian Contexts (2016). Laurie Charlés & Gameela Samarasinghe, eds.

Poststructural and Narrative Thinking in the 21st Century (2016). Vicki Dickerson, ed.

Family Therapy as Socially Transformative Practice (2016). Sally St. George & Dan Wulff, eds.

Applying Critical Social Theories to Family Therapy Practice (2015) Teresa McDowell

Socio-Emotional Relationship Therapy: Bridging Emotion, Societal Context, and Couple Interaction. (2015). Carmen Knudson-Martin, Melissa Wells, & Sarah Samman, eds.

Critical Topics in Family Therapy (2014). Thorana Nelson & Hinda Winawer, eds.