The Retreat Conversation Ground Rules.

The AFTA Board began its biannual retreat yesterday (#AFTARetreat). One of the main activities at the opening evening was a brainstorming of conversation ground rules. The list is included in this post. They are unedited and listed in no specific order.

Have you been in retreats in which the conversation was rich and productive ? What were the rules for conversation? What have you learned about effective rules for participating in board conversations? Please let us know!

  • Think pro-active
  • Not everything has an order
  • Not everything needs to be said
  • We are most of the time on the same side
  • Think about AFTA in relationship to the world and not only to itself
  • Challenge the idea and not the person
  • Ask if you can correct
  • Observe time limits
  • Respectful dialogue, mutual respect
  • Kind feedback
  • Privilege others entitlement to air space: LISTEN
  • Respect facilitators
  • Be serious but have fun
  • Cross-talk prevention
  • Before we speak, is it our personal agenda or whether it moves the existing agenda
  • After you listen to someone, wait a little bit before you respond.
  • Everyone participates but has the right to pass
  • Be curious about difference
  • Seek to understand before judgment
  • Use the PARKING LOT
  • WOrk out the issues in the group.
  • Be aware of each others privacy.
  • Allow yourself to change your mind
  • Step in to help
  • Seek to stretch your self ICT
  • If it is your opinion, use I statements
  • Think future, not past. But acknowledge past.
  • The rules can be reviewed
  • Thank you and good night
  • Be appreciative


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