The Migrant Caravan

“no one leaves home unless
home is the mouth of a shark”

Over this last year, AFTA as an organization attempting to honor its mission and vision, has been required to post an unprecedented number of statements opposing, denouncing, insisting, decrying, grieving, resisting…

For the third time in as many weeks we must again speak out in support of families, justice and love.

AFTA calls on our nation’s leadership to greet the thousands of family members marching toward our borders fleeing danger, terror and profound suffering with respect for human dignity. We urge those giving orders to the troops posted at the border to act from a devotion to peace, not domination. We plead with each American soldier interacting with the brave and weary souls in the caravan to stand firm in their resolve to honor their fellow humans.  We admonish our elected officials for promoting racist and xenophobic mischaracterizations of this courageous procession, and depicting them as a threat to the well-being of our nation. We call on immigration officials to honor the law and to protect the rights of these marchers to seek asylum.

Sarah Berland, Family Policy Human Rights Chair
Victoria C. Dickerson, AFTA President

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