Eric Goepfert, MD

Eric Goepfert MD, an AFTA member since 2012, died at a young age on March 13, 2018.  He asked that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to AFTA.  He became interested in AFTA in conversations with Corky Becker, Liz Brenner and John Sargent, and joined in 2012 as a student member, attending his first AFTA conference in San Francisco in 2012. Eric felt a special connection to AFTA due to the organization’s mission to promote clinical excellence in systems therapy coupled with a strong commitment to social justice, human rights, diversity and inclusion. He found AFTA to be a home for his ideas, his dedication to family therapy and his singular dedication to all marginalized communities. In his short life he epitomized the best of AFTA and loved the organization. His life and work made a tremendous mark on those he knew and treated. The tragedy of his too early death is that he was not able to make the mark on the field that he could have made had he lived.

Corky Becker, Ph.D. &  John Sargent, MD

Thank you to all who have donated in his memory.

Eric Goepfert Obituary 

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